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No tomatoes, onions, or peppers please....

Then it olives, mushrooms, or anything else that does not involve lettuce, cucumber, celery, or carrots on a salad. This has been the story of my life...being a picky eater. The big joke in my family is how I order a salad in a restaurant because I don't like the typical restaurant salad trappings. You will notice though that I have no problems when I make my own at home (see above list). I am just particular about what the salad includes! I am proud to say though that over the past few years, I have broken the iceberg lettuce trap and now actually enjoy a variety of different lettuces!

This weirdness is not limited to salads though. Once upon a time, my wonderful Memere made me scrambled eggs for dinner. I had to be about 10 or 11 years old I think. For some reason (although I don't remember being sick), I threw up the was quite the mess. As far as I know, I haven't touched a cooked egg since; definitely not since I have had free will as an adult. When I used to sit down on morning break with other nurses, just the smell of an egg over easy would make my stomach turn. In addition to the egg dysfunction, you will never see me touch a kernel of corn and I have been known to tell waiters/waitresses that I am allergic to tomatoes. I do this because no matter how many times you tell them no tomato, sure enough that sandwich will come with it. I'm not stupid, I know what they do. They don't make you a new sandwich, they just take off the tomato on your messed up sandwich thereby leaving you with tomato seeds and pulp. Tell them you're allergic though, and you're good to go. I don't eat out all that often anymore so I think God can forgive me for this mild transgression.

You have to wonder where this insanity over food choices came from. I have tried desperately to blame my upbringing, suggesting to my mom that I wasn't made to eat whatever was in front of me as a child and that was my problem. That idea went out the window though when she reminded me that I do have a sibling who seems to have entered adulthood just nicely without the fear of multiple food groups. In reality, I think it was just the fear of trying something new coupled with no desire to step out of my comfort zone. I did start to get a little adventuresome when I was away at college. I mean did I really have a choice? I had to expand my limited repertoire or...starve. So I ventured into eating some select foods for the first time...rice, baked potatoes, salads(see above), pasta, etc. I know, I know, quite adventuresome! Now that I think back on it, I really would love to remember what foods I DID eat as a child/teenager. I must have lived on grilled cheese and hamburgers...

This all started to change about eight or nine months ago. I was living alone again and really wanted to try cooking again. Cooking as in without the assistance of a microwave and/or Lean Cuisine. More importantly, I had been having a lot of health issues. Although a lot of it was out of my control and the health issues weren't caused by my lousy eating habits, I knew that my future health could be changed if I ate something more than sandwiches and chicken. So slowly but surely, I began to try new foods. Asparagus, chili, wine (OK, not really a food but I had never had a glass of red wine before), endive, all kinds of weird cheeses, the list goes on and on. Some I have liked, others not so much. There is something quite exciting and satisfying though about trying something for the first time. Now that I think about it, the same can be said about the rest of my life. I had always lived in a very narrow comfort zone my whole life and the same time that all changed (last year), so did my adventuresome palate....interesting. Freud would be proud. See, who needs therapy when you have blogging! All kidding aside though, since I started eating more of a variety of foods, my diet has slowly but surely started to improve. Although I will probably always prefer sandwiches to a five course meal, beer over wine, and hamburgers over a sirloin steak, I am very excited to see what new culinary tastes lie ahead in my future!


  1. Isn't it fun to try new things? But I still will not eat warm raisins - so we all have our food issues :-)

  2. It was pointed out to me however that my salad trapping list above is just about just to clarify, I do put other non-vegetable things on my salad such as croutons and cheese!


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