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Sound Of Her Laugh

Death is the opening of a more subtle life.
In the flower, it sets free the perfume;
in the chrysalis, the butterfly;
in man, the soul. ~ Juliette Adam

I went to visit a friend from my church family last night. A family that reminds me on a weekly basis that the definition of family does not necessarily rise from biological ties; but I guess that is a blog topic for a whole other time...

Patty is someone, until last night, I didn't know too many intimate details about. We have mutual friends at church and have spent time together socially because of those friends. One of those mutual friends passed away three months ago and her death still leaves a deep hole not only in my church family, but in my heart as well. Pretty soon, this will happen again. In my rare moments of thinking "it's not fair", I think about how difficult it will be for my church family to experience two great losses like this in such a short period of time.

Patty has one of those personalities tha…