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Read Me!!

Happy Sunday evening!

I have come to learn over the past few weeks that titles are very important when writing and posting a blog. Most people do not have a lot of time to sit around and read blogs, so the title becomes important to grab people's attention. It has been a very stressful week and I am sorry I could not come up with a better title than "Read Me", but hopefully it gave you enough reason to come and check this blog post out!

This is a housekeeping/informative post as I have received several questions regarding the advertising I have started to do on my blog. People have been asking about how it works. I have explained it also on my Facebook page but then I realized that many of my readers are not on my personal Facebook page and that is why I am going to describe it here.

I made the decision to start advertising on my blog last week using Amazon Affiliates. I chose them because Amazon is a very well known name with an excellent reputation. Their commission ra…

Unplanned Journey

"A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us." ~ John Steinbeck

I am a planner. I have been my whole life and to be honest, sometimes I border on the mildly obsessive side when it come to planning things. There are huge advantages to knowing what you are going to do and when you are going to do it, or so I have always thought. For me, being a planner has meant having control and therefore avoiding all the potential disasters that can occur. Take a trip or vacation for example. Make your reservations, get your route all mapped out, figure out what events are going to be included in your trip. Nothing can go wrong then. Yeah, right. Reservations get lost. Road construction delays your driving trip by hours. And horrors of all horrors, it rains the whole time you are on your well planned trip!

Now, my partner in life, love, and …

In Sickness and In Health

This week's big revelation for me: it is easier to be sick when you live alone than when you live with another person. Disagree? Many people would. They would retort that it must be a lot easier to have the support of someone living with you when the going gets tough in the medical department. I cannot really disagree with that on some levels but on others, I feel like this week I can; even when you live with the most compassionate, patient, and nurturing man God has ever put on this face of the earth.

So why would I complain? Well, I am not complaining, just stating some facts. I am also not implying that I would ever want to change my living situation, so no rumors please! When you have a chronic illness, you live in a state of constant unpredictability. As I talked about a bit in a recent blog entry entitled False Assumptions, there can be days and even weeks where life just goes along relatively smoothly. You take your medications, keep your routine appointments, and manage yo…

The Value of a Name

"My name may have buoyancy enough to float upon the sea of time." ~ Richard Watson Gilder

My name is Christine Molloy.

A basic yet powerful statement. One that I have been thinking a lot about lately. It is my identity. It is my connection with this world. It is my legacy.

I was watching an ABC news special one evening last week about Jaycee Dugard. She was the eleven year old girl who was abducted in 1991 at a bus stop by Philip Craig Garrido and held captive for eighteen years. She suffered an unimaginable amount of physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse by this deranged member of our society. During the interview, she recounted many of the horrific events that happened to her in those eighteen years of captivity, but one thing struck me most significantly. She was forbidden by Garrido to ever speak her name for the eighteen years he held her captive. On August 26, 2009, when law enforcement officials interviewed her (not knowing that she was an abduction victim), one of…

False Assumptions

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~ Plato

"Honey, you're so lucky. You should be grateful you are so young! You don't have to take all these medications and deal with being sick all the time like the rest of us."

Oh come the hell on, are you serious? The statement was made to me recently in a doctor's office by a woman, maybe in her seventies, who is probably quite sweet normally. At that moment though, I just wanted to lunge at her and shake her incessantly. Not one of my finer moments I tell you! It was just myself and two other women sitting in a mini waiting room after our hearing tests; waiting to either see the doctor or take home the person we were responsible for driving there. I had made the mistake of looking up from my very challenging game of video poker and I guess the woman thought that was a perfect time to snag me into her "woe is me" session with the other absolute stranger.

I know, I know, the poor woman probabl…

Acupuncture Part Two: The Benefits

I am sitting in a comfortable reclining chair with my feet up, my eyes closed, and soft music playing in the background. It has been about ten or fifteen minutes I am guessing. I am not asleep but I am very aware of how relaxed my body has become. I am sleepy and calm. I feel no tension. The headache that has plagued me for days has disappeared. I am not in a spa or on a beach. I am at my acupuncture appointment.

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog entry entitled Acupuncture Part One: The Experience in which I discuss my first ever experience with acupuncture. It has been almost six months since that entry, which was written about two months after my very first experience with acupuncture. All this time later, I am still amazed at the various benefits I have reaped from this form of Chinese medicine. The way my acupuncturist Ben, from The People's Acupuncture Clinic, explains it is that in Western medicine (what we know as conventional health care here in the United States) it is the…

Summer of Friendship...Summer of Love

You know how you can smell a scent and it reminds you of a place, a time, or a person? Sometimes you may even smell it and not remember where you noticed it before, but you remember that the feelings you had when you last noticed it were good. I hugged my boyfriend one day recently and that happened to me. He was wearing a scent that brought back feelings of comfort and security for me. OK, and attraction too. But where had I noticed it before? So I asked him....

It is the scent that always brings me back to last summer. The summer that was originally shaping up to be one of my worst ones and instead, ended up being one of the best ones. I don't know the name of the scent but I know he still has it and it always reminds me of him and of the summer that brought us together.

It was the last weekend in June last summer that it all kind of began, for me anyways. It was the weekend of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life and like many years previously, I was signed up to pa…