Friday, September 16, 2011

Patient Voices: Sjogren's Syndrome

Good Morning!

During my morning internet cruise, I stumbled upon this excellent piece done by The New York Times.

It is a video piece of five Sjogren's Syndrome patients briefly (about two minutes) describing their journey with this difficult disease. It is not too often that I dedicate entire blog entries to something that someone else published, but I found this too compelling to not share. The stories are honest and informative by these well spoken patients. I was especially touched by the story of the Coca-Cola executive who finds that she HAS to work in order to deal with her illness.


Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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  1. Hi Christine, I am touched by your story. It brought me back to my own health issues and how writing saved me from health care providers who sent me out of their offices with little to no help. It took me six years living out in the desert, alone, trying to recapture my health to learn about how to heal. You have to check out my site and books: I also have a blog:
    My books sell on Amazon too. I am so proud of you. Your strength is hope for others searching towards wellness.