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Second Chances

I used to hate blueberries.

Really hate them.

Now I love them.

Yes, I realize that may not sound all that profound but it is for me. There were only two fruits in the world I didn't like until this past summer, raspberries and blueberries (still not a huge fan of the raspberry). I absolutely love fruit salad and it so happened that my boyfriend's sister-in-law makes a fruit salad to die for. The first time I had it was at her home several months ago. I sat there and looked at this delicious creation thinking about how much effort it would be to pick out the blueberries. Then I got to thinking about why I hated blueberries. I think I tried one when I was younger either as a small child or teen. But I wasn't sure. So I had this great dislike for anything blueberry but really was not sure if it was even related to the taste.

I did eat the blueberries in that salad because I figured the taste of the other fruit would mask it and I was right. Then I started adding them to these green smoothies I make. But I still had not eaten them alone. I have been doing a lot of research about healing through foods, nutrition for autoimmune disorders, and superfoods. Blueberries are like the jackpot of the nutrition world. I had to get more blueberries in my system!

Then it happened. I had some blueberries in the refrigerator for my smoothies and I ate one. By itself. was delightful. I loved blueberries! I couldn't believe I had missed out on this yummy, versatile, easy to maintain superfood! What the heck was I thinking?

I know exactly what I was thinking. Like so many other instances in my life, I shunned the blueberry without really giving it a chance. A chance to prove itself one more time. A chance to explore its possibilities.

How many times do we do that in life? Dismiss our blueberries, so to speak, without a real just cause, only to find out what beauty and benefit they hold for us? We get the notion in our heads that we don't like something or someone without ever really knowing why. Or we think there is a reason, but when we stop to try and identify it, the details become quite cloudy. The person who we met one time months ago and said something that rubbed us the wrong way, well forget them! But you see, maybe that person was having a bad day or not feeling well. Maybe said person ended up regretting what they said. Maybe they just are not very comfortable socially when interacting with people they do not know.

Here's the thing though, maybe you could approach that person from months ago and end up having a great conversation, finding out that you have a lot in common. Person from months ago could become a very good friend. Heck, they could even become the love of your life! You just never know.

Never close your mind to the possibilities of what exists out in the world. Time is transient. People are transient. How one feels or perceives a person, place, or thing now is not necessarily how it will seem in the future. So maybe this is the time to give your "blueberry" another chance. You never know what great things and people you may find if you do.


  1. sounds very social worker like to me! did you miss your calling?

  2. Ha ha! I was a psychiatric nurse for several years...same family!

  3. berry good observations!


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