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Rediscovering Weight Watchers

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them." ~ Dr. Dennis Waitley

So I have been writing a lot over the past six months about nutrition and exercise because I am on a mission, and I mean a SERIOUS mission, to improve my autoimmune symptoms as much as I can by eating healthier and exercising my very unpredictable and sometimes seemingly frail body. As all journeys are, this particular one is an ever changing and evolving journey. This blog entry is about my most recent change.

In January of this year I changed to a gluten and dairy-free diet with a focus on also reducing refined sugars and processed foods. Then around April, I joined a new gym with the intention of getting myself on a very regular exercise program which would help me to build a stronger body and in the process, alleviate some of the overwhelming stress I had experienced over the previous several months. Despite many obstacles wit…


I feel like I am at a crossroads in regards to my health, nutrition, and exercise lately. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word crossroads as: a crucial point, especially where a decision must be made. I am not certain that my decisions are necessarily crucial but you get the point.

Over the past two months I have slowly been weaning off my prednisone which was at very high doses to begin with between the oral tablets I was taking and the IV infusions. I finally came off of it three days ago. I knew it was going to be difficult. Historically I come off prednisone for a while and then ultimately go back on it at varying doses because my symptoms return. However this time I am determined to stay off of it for as long as I can unless I am in a very bad or urgent situation such as literally not being able to walk or if I am having extreme difficulty breathing. The reason I feel so strongly about staying off the prednisone is because I am forty-one years old and I believe that my do…

The Weighty Issue of Fitness Instructors

As many of you know, I joined a new gym this past April and amongst other things, I have started going to water aerobics classes several times a week. There are a few different instructors and I have been trying to get to certain classes based on who is teaching because well, some classes are better for me than others because of the types of aquatic exercises that we do in each class.

Last week, one of my regular instructors was on vacation and there was a substitute instructor. When I got to the pool area that morning, I noticed a woman getting the various weights and flotation devices together for the class and I was puzzled. This couldn't actually be my substitute teacher for the class, could it?? There was only one water aerobics instructor that I had not met yet but I figured that it wasn't her. Maybe she was just someone in the class helping to get the equipment ready, which is a frequent occurrence.

I took my spot in the pool at 8:30am sharp and this woman I saw moving…