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Another Stumble, Another Step

I love to write.
In case that wasn't obvious.

I had the opportunity yesterday to attend a writer's conference called WriteAngles at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. It was my second time at the conference and I was not disappointed. It is such a high for me to be surrounded by so many writers and readers. I love the energy. I love the opportunity to learn. I love the fact that I get to step outside of the isolation that I sometimes experience as a writer and instead be able to engage with those who share my passion. 

I had a lot of physical challenges facing me going into the conference this year which is partly why I have not been blogging as frequently. My Sjogren's symptoms kicked into high gear a few weeks ago and this resulted in a significant increase in doctor's appointments and major changes in medications; not to mention feeling like hell due to pain, fatigue, and issues with my eyes. It has probably been one of the worst flare ups I have experience…

Never Going Back

For a variety of reasons, mostly to do with my health, I have not had much opportunity to blog lately. However what I am going to post today is hopefully a little inspiration for anyone who thinks that they cannot lose weight. For anyone who thinks that controlling their emotional eating or food addiction is impossible. For anyone who thinks that it is impossible to control their weight or lose weight while taking steroids. For anyone who thinks that it is impossible to exercise when you have  severe arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, or a chronic illness.

The second photo here is of my handsome brother and I and was taken today at a family gathering. The photo made me realize that I had another photo of him and I that I keep meaning to have my fiance print for me as a reminder to hang either on my fridge or to put in my wallet. Maybe I will leave it sitting on my nightstand when I don't want to get up and go to my water aerobics class in the morning. It is a reminder of why I wo…

Peace Be With You

"Peace is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you are, something you do, and something you give away. ” ~ Robert Fulghum

On the first Sunday of the month, which is Communion Sunday, we pass the peace in my church. This is a common practice in many Christian churches although the way it takes places can differ from church to church and denomination to denomination. When I was growing up in the Catholic church, this was a process in which we would turn to the people to the sides of us, behind us and in front of us and say "peace be with you" and shake their hand. If the person was family, maybe we would hug or kiss them as well.

In my current Protestant church, the passing of the peace is a more gregarious affair. Depending on how familiar we are with the person, we either shake their hand or hug them. There is a lot more hugging, or rather embracing, than hand shaking compared to most other churches; at least ones that I have attended. We ei…