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Calling All Sjogren's People!

For a while now, I have been involved in two online Facebook Sjogren's groups that I check in with from time to time. Today, I found out about another one that focuses on alternative treatments for Sjogren's and as you can imagine, I am freaking out being all excited about this as it gives me the opportunity to learn from other people about what alternative treatments they are trying for Sjogren's. One of the other groups is a general group where members share idea and is also a safe place to vent about living with Sjogren's. There is also a Sjogren's Christian support group that addresses the spiritual side of things from a Christian perspective.

One of the group leaders asked me today if I can mention their group on my blog so that more people with Sjogren's are aware of it and so the group can benefit more people. I don't know why I didn't think of that before but it is a great idea. Thanks Bill!

So I am listing the group names here and providing th…

My Medication and Supplement List

I have had many questions lately about the supplements and medications I take and about what each of them do. I answer people about this individual supplement and that individual supplement but I want to use this blog entry to not only inform people of what I take, but what each one is for. I want to make it VERY clear that I am not recommending any of these supplements and medications for any of you. Like medications, supplements come with some risks at times although my overall experience has been that they are much lower risks. They also come with significantly less side effects. I do see an integrative medicine doctor and traditional medical doctors who prescribe and/or approve this entire list. This is NOT medical advice and should not be considered as such. It is a combination that seems to be working well for me at the moment. So don't even consider coming after me with a lawyer because you have been forewarned!

The reason I am going through all of this in a blog entry is be…

Our Wedding Ceremony

"I promise to always be your best friend. The person you can count on to confide in and to lift you up when you are down. I will be the gentle hand in the middle of the night and your port in every storm. I promise to do my best to make the rest of our lives together full of joy and laughter. I will always honor our marriage and I will love you all the days of my life." ~ Me

May 18, 2013

Until that day, I never believed that there was such a thing as a perfect day. I wasn't looking for perfection. At some points in the seventeen months preceding that day, I was just looking to make it to the day in one piece. Until that day, I never believed it was possible to live so fully in the moment that my mind could be free of any other thoughts. Until that day, I never quite fully understood the magnitude of the love that surrounds my husband and I. May 18, 2013 was our wedding day. For those of you who know me or follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that it was no small feat t…

Keep Going

There are very few people who follow my blog or who are even in my life who know the extent of the disaster my life was from about 2001 through 2009. I was in a destructive marriage with a man who was abusive, an alcoholic, had PTSD, and was just a difficult person to live with. A man who decided about two years into our marriage that he did not want children. I had distanced myself from some of my family and many of my friends. I held a job that I loved but yet found very stressful. For some of those years I was seventy-seven pounds heavier than I am now. I had a food addiction and low self-esteem. There were many times when I considered suicide and the threat was real enough that I was hospitalized several times for depression. For a period of time, I was even considered to have bipolar disorder and I was trialed on every class of psychiatric medications that existed. The diagnosis was later retracted by the same psychiatrist who diagnosed me and my mood issues were thought to be t…

Continuing Down The Road Of Integrative Medicine

So today is my birthday and no, this is not a post about how great birthdays are; even though they are great! Rather, I am giving myself the birthday gift of writing a quick blog about something important to me and maybe to you too. With our wedding coming up in fifteen days, my writing frequency has taken a sharp decline lately, hence why it is important that I hunker down and get this written so that I can then take my pooch out and enjoy this beautiful day.

As I wrote in a previous blog Going Down The Road Of Integrative Medicine, since November, I have been going to a wellness center in a nearby town to see an integrative medicine doctor in the hopes that they can help resolve some of my autoimmune issues. Because let's be honest, I have been treated for Sjogren's syndrome for over five years now by traditional doctors and I haven't really gotten too far. Actually last year, I would say that in many aspects I even got worse. I have some very excellent specialists who k…