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Tales From the Dry Side: New Book About Sjögren's Syndrome

As many of you know, I have been working on a book called Tales From The Dry Side:The Personal Stories Behind The Autoimmune Illness Sjögren's Syndrome. The project started in December 2011 because as I was networking and meeting other Sjögren's patients, it became strikingly clear to me that there was a need for our stories to be told. There were so many similarities in our stories, especially in regards to how long it took most of us to be diagnosed. Some of us still do not have a "formal" diagnosis.

I went through a process of seeking out Sjögren's patients via in person support groups, a list serve system, through my blog, and via Facebook. Including myself, there are thirteen of us who have contributed to this book. The stories are amazing and compelling. I spent the better part of a year coming up with a structure for the book and editing the contributor's stories. Keep in mind, every single one of these contributors has an extensive autoimmune illness…

Nursing, Writing, and Dreaming

Although I didn't write a formal blog entry about this yet, I am trying, and I use the term "trying" very literally, to take a break from social media for a while; specifically Facebook. The reasons are varied and I will probably save the explanations for another post because it is 11am and I have things I want to get done today; especially in reference to my book Tales From the Dry Side that I am desperately trying to get published.

There has been a lot going on lately, both in my mind and with my health (shocking, I know!) and the break from Facebook has been very good for me. I have been checking a few things on there such as my inbox messages but overall my Facebook use has decreased about 75%. That is a lot! I know I will go back to it regularly at some point but meanwhile, I do sometimes miss posting my thoughts and ramblings as my status updates. Why? Because I am a writer. However I also have this blog. Even though my original intention for the blog was not to us…

Embracing Prednisone

I am back on prednisone. There, I said it. Anyone who follows my blog knows how I feel about prednisone. It is a miracle drug and a drug from hell all mixed into one small white pill. Over the past four years or so, I have been on it more than I have been off it. However since I started seeing an integrative medicine practitioner last November, I was able to wean off prednisone at the end of January and have been off it ever since. Folks, that is the longest I have ever been off of it; FIVE whole months!

Now, I  saw my rheumatologist in April which was about a month before my wedding. Because of the increase in joint pain, she wanted me back on 10mg of prednisone or Arava. It was my choice based on the side effects. I gave it a lot of thought, gave it another week, and decided to hold off. And no, I never called my doctor. I am not an advocate of going against doctor advice so please don't leave me comments saying I give bad advice. People have sent me those types of comments and…

Yoga and Me

Sometime in early May I started taking yoga classes at my gym. I had been wanting to try the classes for quite a while, for almost a year, but never had the guts to get myself there. I had taken a few classes about ten years ago but became so frustrated with it that after three classes, I stopped going. I think my frustration was with the fact that I couldn't do most of the poses that were demonstrated. I felt awkward and fat. There was nothing peaceful or relaxing about that for me.

I decided several weeks before my wedding that it would be a good time to try yoga again because from what I had learned, it could really help with stress management. And I was trying to stay as calm and collected before the wedding as possible. Especially because stress exacerbates autoimmune symptoms. I was still self conscious about trying it because in my delusional mind, yoga was for fit people, not someone who at one point was seventy pounds heavier, still overweight, and had the joints of an e…

Why I Am Not Mrs. Myers

Not too long ago I posted on this blog's Facebook page that I was not going to be changing my last name when I got married. I had varied responses to that news and differing opinions not to what I should do, but to what others would do. It was very interesting to hear various viewpoints on this issue.

Since I got married May 18th, it has become quite apparent to me how many people, those who didn't see that Facebook post, have naturally assumed that I am now Mrs. Myers (my husband's last name) or Christine Myers. Technically, Mrs. means "the wife of" and I take absolutely no offense to that. I am his wife and very proud of that fact.

I have done a lot of reading on this subject, mostly because I truly struggled with the decision and because it interests me as to why some women change their birth name when they get married and why some don't. According to the Huffington Post in an article posted April, 2013, only 8% of women now keep their last name after mar…