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Traveling To Disney With Sjögren's

I have decided that to take blog vacation. This means that after today I will not be accessing my blog or my Facebook blog page so if you leave comments please be patient because they need to be moderated before they appear on the blog. This is a bit of a big deal for me because in the three and a half years I have been blogging, I have never taken a planned break. On the occasions where I have been away from home, I have still checked my blog via iPhone. The reason for this was simple. I have worked so hard at developing Thoughts and Ramblings and my readership that I was afraid to not be on top of things. I didn't want to lose momentum. However a lot has gone on recently with the publishing process of my first book, Tales From The Dry Side: The Personal Stories Behind The Autoimmune Illness Sjögren's Syndrome, the Kickstarter funding project, getting married, and dealing with new health issues. I think overall I have done a good job in keeping up with my blogging/writing as…

Our Wedding Vows

During my fall cleaning this week I came across our wedding vows. I thought it was quite appropriate since we are leaving in thirteen days for our honeymoon. Looking at each of our vows on paper is interesting because it reflects each of our personalities, especially in the length. It was also interesting because I think I didn't take all that much longer to recite my vows because I talked so much faster!Enjoy.

Chuck's Wedding Vows:

Christine, you are the one for whom I waited and I take you as my wife today, my lifelong friend, love, and partner.

I promise to support you in all that you do, to encourage you, and to try and inspire you.

I promise to care for you when you need it and to let you take care of me when I'm in need.

I promise to try to make you laugh, and try harder not to make you cry.

I promise to always listen to your questions and concerns, and to try really hard to respond to them in a timely fashion.

I promise to always appreciate how lucky I am, to love y…

30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness!

I follow a blog called Interstitial Cystitis: Catherine's Journey and she did a blog entry based on a questionnaire she found on an invisible illness website. I read it and thought it was a great way to better inform people about what it is like to live with Sjögren's syndrome, which is usually an invisible illness. It's ironic because I just talked about invisible illness in my previous blog entry on scooters and Disney. So here is my questionnaire. Please feel free to copy and paste and to your own. Awareness is critical!

In honor of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (September 9-15, 2013), they asked those of us suffering with chronic, invisible illness to answer the question: "30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness".  Here are mine:

The illness(es) I live with are:Sjögren's syndrome. Also Factor V Leiden, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Asthma, ?Interstitial Cystitis, Esophageal Motility DisorderI was diagnosed with it (Sjögren's)…

To Scoot Or Not To Scoot, That Is The Question

I have had a difficult decision to make ever since my husband and I booked our honeymoon to Disney; which is in less than three weeks. To the average person it may not seem like a big deal but to me, it has been this gut wrenching decision that has taken me months to make and come to terms with. The decision I was struggling over was whether or not to rent a scooter to use during the eight days we are down in Florida at Disneyworld.

Most people I have talked to regarding this decision do not understand why I would even consider NOT renting a scooter considering the physical issues I have with arthritis, fatigue, and the difficulty I have with extreme heat and sun. To them, it seems like a no-brainer. And in some aspects it is a no-brainer. If you Google "scooters" and "Disney", you will see that the use of scooters in Disney is rampant. A whole other topic for another day. It's not like I would be doing anything unusual. Rent the scooter and just use it. Disne…

Movies As History Lessons

I have been big into historical movies over the past year or so. Not exactly sure why but all of a sudden, I am eager to learn about history. It probably would have benefited me more if this history bug struck me when I was actually taking history classes. Maybe I would have gotten better grades.

The movies I have been watching lately have to do with a variety of issues including WW2 and the Civil Rights Movement. I watched the movie The Help and read the book last year. Both the movie and the book made enough of an impact on me that I wrote a blog entry about it. I have to tell you, writing about race is a touchy area because no matter what you say, you are most likely going to be criticized. For example, the piece I did on The Help. Some of the feedback I received was about how that story was written by a Caucasian woman so it was a one-sided story. I also heard a comment about the fact that I based some of my thoughts and feelings on a product that comes from Hollywood. You know,…