Friday, October 4, 2013

Home From Vacation

I'm back from vacation. My husband and I were fortunate enough to go on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World for eight days, but I took about two weeks off from blogging and writing. The trip was simply amazing. It has been a crazy couple of days trying to play catch up with medical appointments, unpacking, laundry and all that fun stuff. Today I am hoping to finish reviewing the edits on the manuscript for Tales From the Dry Side. If not, it will be tomorrow. THEN I can start blogging about our Disney adventures. But until then here are some of my favorite moments:

* Spending eight whole days with my husband and the bonding we were able to do.

 * Wild Africa Trek that we took at Animal Kingdom.

 * House of Blues Gospel Brunch: especially watching my husband's reaction to the music/show.

 * Watching zebras and giraffes from our balcony every day.

 * The dinner and evening we spent at Raglan Road.

 * Seating in the first seat of Space Mountain, which my husband graciously let me have.

 * Our impromptu trip to MK one night for the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

 * Parasailing 800-900 feet into the air and the view of Cinderella's Castle.

 * Polka dancing in Germany at Biergarten with my husband.

 * All the awesome people we met (both cast members and tourists). Loved getting to learn different cultures/opinions/stories.

 * Watching the Go-Go's at Epcot after a very kind man graciously gave up his seat so Chuck and I could sit together.

 * The first few moments I walked into the Magic Kingdom...just magical!

 * My first water park and first water park slide.

 * Snorkeling for the first time.

 * Dinner at Coral Reef restaurant.

 * Character breakfast which was impromptu as well.

 * Front seat on Splash Mountain.

 * Realizing that my husband and I travel extremely well together as we compliment each other.

 * The last night when my husband thanked me for all the planning I did and for introducing him to so many new experiences.
I will be doing a series of blog entries about our experiences at Disney as soon as the final draft of the manuscript for Tales From the Dry Side is complete. Stay tuned and again, thanks for reading!

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