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Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation January 2014 Newsletter

The January 2014 issue of the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation newsletter, The Moisture Seekers:

Where You Can Find Tales From the Dry Side

I have been getting a lot of messages lately inquiring about where to purchase Tales From the Dry Side: The Personal Stories Behind the Autoimmune Illness Sjögren's Syndrome. Not everyone likes to shop online or has an Amazon account and I figure this is a good opportunity to be passionate about the retail places that have been so supportive in carrying the book.

1. The Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation: I mention the Foundation first for a reason. They make a profit on every book sold through their bookstore or at their conferences, whether you are a member or not. However if you are a member, you can purchase the book for an unbelievably reasonable price of just $10. And because I have Sjögren's, monies made by them to go towards research, etc. is very important to me.

2. Broadside Bookshop: This great independent bookstore is in Northampton, Massachusetts. I have a passion for local bookstores and this one in particular is a favorite of mine. Even if you don't live in …

Whole 30 Autoimmune Protocol

I feel like revamping my diet is a constant and ever evolving process. I don't mean "diet" as in a weight loss program, but in terms of using proper diet to treat my Sjögren's syndrome. About a year ago, I embarked on a Paleo eating plan, with the first month dedicated to the autoimmune protocol of the Paleo plan. The autoimmune protocol of any plan is super strict and is not even a diet. You can find an excellent explanation of the autoimmune protocol (AIP) HERE. It is a thirty day elimination period of the foods that are most thought to cause inflammation in the body. Due to a death in my family on Day 2, things did not go well. I know it is an excuse, but the amount of stress I was under was off the charts. I did however stick with the Paleo plan for the first half of the year, and I had some good results from it when I was compliant: most notably less pain and fatigue.

Things pretty much went to hell for me in the nutrition department (I like that word better th…

Running My First Race

The start of 2014 was very exciting for me.

Back in early October, when I returned from our honeymoon in Disney, I decided that I wanted to try running so that someday, I could run one of the Disney race events they have every year. I had been taking a good dose of prednisone (20mg) and figured if I ever was going to try running again, this would be the time. I had attempted running a few years ago for a month or two and had to stop because of my joints. In addition to the desire to run through Disney, I was also inspired by two online friends I had met, Lucy and Heidi, who both also have Sjögren's and have either participated in races, or were planning on doing so.

As I have blogged before, I took the running thing seriously, especially because of my joint, fatigue, and respiratory issues. I read a lot of books, magazines, and online articles about strengthening exercises and I made sure I did regular yoga and Pilates classes, which greatly helped my running and overall health.…