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Read "On Being Naked" on The Manifest-Station

I have been a writing a lot lately and I thank the Lord for that. I was going through a difficult time with my writing, which started sometime before Tales From the Dry Side was published and lasted right up until about the end of 2014. Part of the reason was due to being so busy in early 2014 with the book and starting a new job back in the nursing field (yay!). I love and am absolutely proud of Tales From the Dry Side, but the marketing that goes into self-publishing a book successfully is astronomical.The other big reason for having a difficult time with my writing was that I was having a hard time connecting with myself and I just couldn't seem to get it together to make the sentences come as often as I would like.

Some of my blogging, maybe half of it, is writing designed to teach and inform, mostly about Sjögren's syndrome and autoimmune diseases in general. The rest of it takes the form of a personal essay. If I just wrote personal essays for the rest of my life, that w…

Who Reads Thoughts and Ramblings?

I few days ago, I posted a status update on the Thoughts and Ramblings Facebook page (which you can find HERE) asking readers where they are from. On the Facebook page, approximately 5% of those who liked the page answered the question and that is where I got all the information about states in the U.S. where people are located.This is a huge issue I have with Facebook because for very small business pages like mine, my posts often do not show up in the newsfeed, so I know I am missing a ton of information on this poll. However, I also have some information on where people are from included in my statistics for this blog, countries only. I wanted to tally up some information on these statistics because I am curious and also to see how far this blog, and its information, is getting.

From the information, however limited it is, I did get, I was able to tally up the following information:

Thoughts and Ramblings followers are from at least thirty-one states in the United States of Americ…

Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

For the record, I have only ever written one post regarding Valentine's Day. I was with my current husband and the post was about how anti-Valentine's Day I was and had always been. It is just one of those things where I feel like it is a holiday that is overdone, commercialized, and unnecessary because honestly, we should be doing a little Valentine's Day each and every day. However Valentine's Day holds some importance with my husband so last year, for the first time, we made solid Valentine's Day plans for dinner. We never made it to dinner because on route to dinner, I required a stop at the Granby Fire Department and a subsequent ride to the local emergency room. Long story that I would rather forget!

This year we are planning on doing something, but never got to the point of actually making a reservation, mostly my fault because I don't want to jinx it after last year and we are expecting yet another major snowstorm in Massachusetts, so I think we are go…

The Courage of Illness

Yesterday, my husband and I attended the Greater Boston SSF Support Group at Tufts. The February meeting is always unique every year because it is the one meeting a year in which we have round table discussions, instead of a guest speaker lecture. What happens is that different topics that people are interested in are submitted to the moderator. There are three separate sessions during the two hour meeting and in each session there is anywhere from six-nine different table topics. Each support group member goes to the table that has a topic they are interested in discussing with other members. It is a great way to learn and discuss topics that are of interest and are unique to each group member.

This year I facilitated two of the three sessions. One was on the topic on using low-dose naltrexone as a treatment for Sjögren's and the other was on the use of alternative medicine in Sjögren's. My husband and I also attended a session on complications from Sjögren's and he atte…