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Winter Olympics Here I Come

I am deathly afraid of ice. I mean DEATHLY afraid. I think it has something to do with a little incident that occurred when I was about twelve years old. I was chasing someone (the details are fuzzy-most likely it was my younger brother) and I slipped on a large patch of ice on the kickball field, resulting not only in a fall, but a blow to the back of the head as well. Guess that is what I get for chasing someone!

Anyways, I survived with what was probably a mild concussion but we don’t have that documented anywhere as my mother, the nurse, believed in handling these matters on her own and since there was no vomiting or weird behavior involved, I was good to go in her eyes.

I digress. So because of this ice fear and the fact that I never learned to skate as a kid (ice or roller), I don’t know how to skate, which has been OK for me until this past winter. All of a sudden I decided I wanted to try ice skating again. I say again because I tried it once about 15 years ago and never made…

Facebook hiatus

I have to go on a Facebook hiatus. I realized yesterday morning that in the previous twelve hours that I had checked Facebook several times, I was increasingly discontent with what I was reading all over this social giant that has really revolutionized how we connect with the world around us.

First of all, this isn’t a blog bashing Facebook. I think it is an incredible tool that has tremendous benefits. I love it. I probably love it a little too much which is one of the biggest reasons for my little hiatus (if I last!) I don’t find that checking Facebook frequently keeps me from getting necessary things done during my day, but it has started to interfere with how much time I spend doing other leisure activities such as reading and writing. And I know myself, quite well. I know that if I get an urge to do something like check my Facebook page in between household chores or first thing upon waking up in the morning, that is probably not the healthiest thing in the world.

OK, but back to…

The Hallmark Holiday

"I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day. When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon." ~Author Unknown

OK, Valentine’s Day is just a terrible holiday. I am not sure exactly when I began to feel so strongly about this fact but I do. My personal feelings mostly revolve around the fact that it is a commercial holiday aimed at draining our wallets and making us question our worthiness depending on whether we have an actual “valentine” or not.

My views on this even surprise me as I tend to be a glass half-full/embrace happiness as much as possible type of person. I’m a romantic. I’m emotional. But to me, the problem with Valentine’s Day is that it sends a message that love has to be romantic. How many commercials on TV do you see with a woman celebrating a loving friendship with a female friend? Or a son expressing his love for his mother? I know, I know, you can find cards for t…

Finding Home

Where we love is home,
Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

I sat quietly on the throw rug in the living room by myself. Within five minutes everyone else had exited my apartment (even the dog) and I was alone. I cried. A month of planning and packing and I was almost there. I was moving to my boyfriend’s home.

I have always had difficulty with change, even good change, but that being said I have gotten much better at it over the past few years. I wasn’t crying because I was sad though; this move was something I wanted more than anything. I was crying because change of any sort (even good change) is scary and risky. I was crying because I had nowhere at that moment that was “home” to me.

I have come to realize over the years that having a comfortable and safe place to call home is an integral part of who I am. Although I like to go out and experience the world, I am very much a homebody at heart. I am a woman who will forgo new clothes, shoes, jew…