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Low Dose Naltrexone Update

I happened to notice that my posts on low dose naltrexone (LDN) get a ton of traffic, maybe even the most traffic out of any other topic. I am relatively certain that the reason for this is because more and more patients and medical providers are learning about all the potential benefits of this under recognized medication.

I have written about LDN a few times in the past and lately, I have also been getting some e-mails asking where I am at with it. So I figured an update, even a brief one, was in order.

I am currently taking 2 mg of LDN every morning. If you have followed by other LDN posts, you will know that this is my third and final attempt at making LDN work for me. I have definitely had benefits from it in the past, but the insomnia issue negated any positive effects I was getting from it in terms of fatigue and pain.

I got up to 2 mg over the past several months and I think that is a critical reason why I am doing so well with it this time around. I am taking it in the morning. There are so many different opinions amongst the "experts" as to whether morning dosing is therapeutic at all. And honestly, I don't feel the need to get into that debate. What I do know is that it has helped my pain and fatigue and that is good enough for me. If insomnia is a big issue for you with LDN, I encourage you to try morning dosing.

That being said, my goal is to try and switch it to evening dosing to see if it makes any difference in my symptoms. Since my sleep has been great lately, I will probably do that soon. I am also planning on increasing the dosage to 3 mg at some point. I am waiting on that because I want my body to take its time adjusting to the 2 mg and I want to try switching it to the evening. I also just got more thyroid better regulated and I know that a dose change will likely mess with that. Sometimes its good to just go with the flow.

I don't have ANY side effects at this point with this current dose. While it has improved some of my symptoms, I still have a long way to go and I will see what happens with the changes mentioned above.

If this is the first you are hearing of LDN, I encourage you to do some research and talk to your doctor. Most medical providers have not heard of it and they require some information. This medication has very low risk of side effects associated with it and I think it is worth your while to investigate it further as a possible treatment for yourself.


  1. Hi Christine, Can prednisone be taken with this? Thanks, Bobbie

    1. Hi Bobbie,

      I have heard differing opinions on this. Some people say that taking LDN with higher doses of prednisone affects how well the LDN works. Others say it has no effect. I checked with my pharmacist in Florida, who is an LDN expert, and he advised not taking it with prednisone doses over 10mg. My understanding is that it won't hurt you to combine them, but you may not get the full effect of the LDN. That being said, I know that for me, I have to wean off prednisone VERY slowly when on it and I have to wean up on LDN just as slowly so for the sake of feeling better, I would take them together. I also have to go on 2 one week courses of prednisone the past 6 months and I was on a very low dose of LDN and did not notice that it affected its efficacy at all. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Christine,

    I have Addison's disease as well as Sjogren's and Graves disease. Also, many other assorted autoimmune problems.
    Oh the joy, right?! I take prednisone everyday.

    I have an appointment with my rheumy next week and I will discuss this with her. This sounds very

    Thank you Christine, Bobbie

  3. Hi Christine,

    Do you know if LDN be taken with imuran (azathioprine)? Thanks. Sydney

    1. I don't know the answer to that unfortunately!

    2. I don't know the answer to that unfortunately!


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